Injury prevention and treatment

Our dogs are vulnerable to injuries for several reasons. Firstly, they enjoy some activities so much they just don’t know when to stop making them vulnerable to overuse and repetitive strain injuries. This particularly applies to working and sporting dogs who’s breeding, disposition and drive, coupled with the adrenaline rush they get from working, keeps them going on through fatigue and the warning signs of pain. Certain conformational characteristics will also predispose to injury, as will weakness, muscle fatigue and dehydration. Sudden unaccustomed exercise without proper preparation and warm up can also cause injuries – just like it does for us.

Minor niggles, aches and pains often go unnoticed until they add up to a bigger problem. A Physiotherapist can help prevent, identify and treat injuries early. Early, effective treatment makes for a successful return to fun and function. It is also important to recognise that whilst the body can repair itself, initially this repair is nowhere near as strong as the original tissue and so is vulnerable to reinjury. Physiotherapists provide graded rehabilitation plans and specific treatments designed to make the repair strong, flexible and permanent.